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Urban Agriculture and City Farms and their role in Community Engagement

I’m back! After a long time away I have returned more inspired than ever to write about the wonderful examples of sustainable cities that I witnessed on my 8 month trip in the Americas.

One of the reasons that I was absent from the Brisbane to Bogota blog was that I was finishing my research into Urban Agriculture and City Farms and their role in Community Engagement – which is research I have completed as part of my undergraduate degrees.

Urban Agriculture and City Farms and their Influence on Community Engagement is a study of the community aspects of urban gardening. The aim of this research was s to explore the roles that urban gardening play in community development and how urban agriculture can contribute to building community. This was achieved through site visits of community gardens and city farms in the United States and Australia, and site visits of urban agriculture farms in Cuba, during May to August 2010.

The report is available here Urban Agriculture and City Farms and their role in Community Engagement

Now that I am back I am looking forward to writing more and stay connected to all that is happening in the world of Sustainable Cities.

Stay tuned.

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The State of the World 2010

The State of the World 2010: Transforming Cultures From Consumerism to Sustainability. The Worldwatch Institute has recently published the new State of the World Report, which includes writings from 60 authors, commenting on various topics from design to social movements. I particularly like the sec[...]

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The fruits of Brisbane!

It has come to my attention that there are two interesting maps that can be accessed through google maps, for those who are interested in finding some free food to munch on, that is growing in and along our beloved Brisbane streets. The Edible Brisbane: Public Fruit Map & The Brisbane Feral Fru[...]

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Gardening in Indigenous Communities

  For anyone interested in learning about indigenous community gardens and social enterprises in Australia I recently discovered this wonderful website and resource, It has lists of indigenous gardens across Australia and access to resources and information.[...]

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Hugh’s Edible Britain – Landshare and Guerrilla Gardening in Britain

I recently visited the market village of Axminster on the South West English coast, where the River Cottage Canteen is situated. River Cottage Canteen is the British celebrity chef Hugh Fearnly Wittingstall’s (HFW) cafe and local store. Why am I writing about a celebrity chef? Well HFW is a ce[...]

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The honest city – Bangkok Car Free Day

I recently reported that I was in Thailand for a couple for weeks a couple of weeks ago, and I noticed a sign for Bangkok (BKK) car free day, however the rest of the text was in Thai so I was unable to ascertain when it was. This sign intrigued me because BKK is one [...][...]

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The Brisbane to Bogota journey thus far

Well I have been out of Australia for just over 3 weeks and unfortunately I have been sick for most of it and have as yet been unable to see much sustainability in motion. However I have been able to learn and read about lots more initiatives and caught up on some writing about a couple of sites [...]